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For more than 30 years Torin Dixon has used HMK Stone Care Products as a Professional Stone Fabricator and Installation Contractor.

Together with his wife Diane, the Dixon's own and operate Elegance in Stone, LLC in Missoula, Montana.

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Protect your Granite

By Torin Dixon

You may be confused about conflicting advice regarding Protecting Granite Countertops. There are some "professionals" who claim that you Do Not Need To Seal Granite. This is False. For a detailed explanation of why you Should Protect your Granite, please click HERE

Which Product is Best?

There are numerous products on the market that claim to Protect Granite. Some are good, and quite frankly, some are worthless. It seems that many companies have jumped aboard the Stone Care products ship, but only ONE created a Stone Care Revolution.... HMK Stone Care - Germany.

hmk stone care productsBased in Bavaria, Moeller-HMK Stone Care Products were introduced to Industry Professionals long before the Box Stores and Hardware Stores started selling inferior, household grade Stone Cleaning and Protection products. HMK Stone Care invented the industry in the 1970's and only sells their products through Stone Professionals.


Polished and Honed Granite should be Protected

HMK S34 Silicone Impregnator for Granite & Marble

Polished and Honed granite should be protected using a quality Impregnator. Impregnators are Penetrating Sealers rather than topical. Therefore, the pores are protected deep into the stone. The protectant chemicals are not on the surface of the granite.

Many inferior "Granite Cleaner & Polish" actually lie on the surface of the granite and can appear as smudges or hazing. Many people complain that their granite "Looks Dull". This is most often caused by products lying on the surface of the granite interfering with the natural reflective properties of polished granite.

Performing a Deep Cleaning will help strip off old cleaners and "polishes" that can dull the appearance of sparkling granite. Our deep cleaning product is HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner. Using R55 cleans off old coatings, and prepares to receive impregnating sealers.

We believe S34 Silicone Impregnator is the best product on the market as a surface protectant for granite countertops and floors.


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Color Enhancing Impregnating Sealer for Granite CountertopsIf you wish to draw out the colors and enhance them, you may wish to use a Color Enhancing Impregnator. HMK S44 Color Enhancing Impregnator will darken and enhance the colors within the granite and make them appear richer and more vibrant.

By performing a Deep Cleaning, followed by sealing with a Professional Impregnating Sealer, your granite countertops will shine and sparkle like new.


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Torin Dixon Stone Care ExpertTorin Dixon is a leading Stone Care Expert. Since 1977, he has been involved in all aspects of the dimensional stone industry. As a Fabricator, Installer, Contractor, Importer and Slab Distributor. Torin has written numerous Trade Publication articles on Natural Stone HERE


Torin also has written and published numerous articles about Cleaning and Protecting Granite, Marble, Slate, Travertine, and other Natural Stone on his BLOG.


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